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My usual warning when attempting this type of setup: Fly fishing is different than other types of fishing due to the amount slack line involved. When that slack line is on the floor of the boat it can easily get wrapped around a leg, arm, wrist, etc. when a hot fish takes off. When that happens when we're bonefishing, etc. (and anyone who's done much bonefishing will admit it's happened to him/her) you just end up breaking the fly off at the tippet. When it happens in a bluewater environment with the weakest link being 65# you're going overboard in a heartbeat. If it's a tuna or some other fish that tends to sound, you could be in a heap of trouble. No one actually believes it will happen to him, but it can and does happen. That's one of the principle reasons the IGFA rules allow nothing heavier than 10kg (22#) for the weakest link in the leader. Think about it.
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