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Saltwater fly line core breaking strengths

Does anyone know the breaking strengths for Mastery Saltwater 12 weight fly lines or the other 12 Tarpon and offshore lines?

A friend just got back from his Christmas Island trip. He said he sat next to a guy on the plane out. The angler told my friend he uses fly lines designed for Marlin and Sailfish and said his have a 75 pound test core (My friend didn't remember the manufacturer's name). With the heavy core on the fly line, the guy said he used 65 lbs. braided line for backing (gel-spun line) and then straight # 60 fluorocarbon with an #80 shock tippet as leader. This way the leader theoretically still should break before the backing and he can crank down on the drag to get some semblance of control on a big Trevally. He said this was the best way to catch Trevally, especially large ones. I know there are some offshore line that have a #55 core. I am quite interested to see if there are any other fly lines with heavier core strengths.

I usually build in a 30 lbs. section in the leader to try and protect the fly line. However, on my trip to Christmas Island in January, several of my guides recommended leaders of straight 60 fluorocarbon to try and controll larger Trevally. This didn't make too much sense since my backing was only #30 dacron.

Maybe a heavier core fly line may be a way for fighting a number of large inshore and offshore/bluewater species.
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