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Originally Posted by PEC54
with tips work the best ,one of my most favorite techniques is to cast out into a current seam at near .. to combat excessive drag I constantly feed line and small s curves into the line as it enters the main seam to allow it to dredge at deep as possible. I'll do this using over 100ft of running line plus the head and tip,I'll continue this until I can't effectively fight off drag any longer.
Interesting you describe this! I do exactly the same feeding line into feeding lanes at fast march or jetty outflows, allowing the fly to sink through its journey and often will have 100' of running line out with my backing out the tip, and have hooked up that way too!

The canal seems pretty daunting because of its sheer width. Actually I was more concerned about secure footing than back cast room. Seems an ideal place to Perry Poke though, and like you'd need both right hand up and left hand up skills in place to get through the day..

Am I right in saying on the flood tide the canal flows Westward and on the outgoing it changes directions entirely and flows East? Or does the canal empty out in either direction regardless of the tide?

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