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Short heads-

with tips work the best ,one of my most favorite techniques is to cast out into a current seam at near low tide,this enables you to be on or pretty near to the drop off that is along the banks of both sides of the canal,using a 15 ft 9 sink tip I cast out towards the middle and swing the fly towards the current seam,to combat excessive drag I constantly feed line and small s curves into the line as it enters the main seam to allow it to dredge at deep as possible. I'll do this using over 100ft of running line plus the head and tip,I'll continue this until I can't effectively fight off drag any longer.As drag takes over it's causing the fly to rise,I get a lot of takes as the fly is rising out of the depths,if I get no response I slowly work the fly in stripping slow with a lot of hesitations allowing the fly to swim naturally along the drop off,I'll feed line back in to allow it to sink again then work it back. I may do this multiple times during the retrieve which actually extends the length of time a presentation from one cast will last. If you have ever fished a darter or metal lipped swimming plug in a current seam you will see it's basically the same procedure.
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