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If the fish are up, any type of line would do provided there is enough clearance for a d-loop. The scandi and skagit are both very good choices for shorter stroke / smaller d-loop casting with strip retrieve, and support high-density tips and heads too.

If one needs to get deep, then there are a number of choices in sinking configurations as well, BUT short belly lines would be best in such strong currents and rocky shores.

In traditional Spey fishing the ability to re-cast a long line from the fully swung position called the 'dangle' is one of the biggest advantages. Well over 100ft in fact, re-positioned at the start of the swing in one or two motions. Such long belly lines would not work well with large flies and sinking lines in the average Spey caster's hands and it would limit the spots you could fish due to large d-loop size.

Because we use a strip retrieve anyway for stripers (most of the time) the compact short belly lines can be pulled to the load point and shot back out with less space behind (e.g. jetty rocks) and bigger flies as well as high-grain tips. Since it's in vogue to wear a stripping basket on the striper scene we'd have an advantage over the typical short-head Spey dude out west or in Europe, most use line mgmt of loops in the line hand.

A particular rod will take a certain grain weight range whether it's packed into a short head or spread over a long belly. Because of kinetics / object in motion physics the long belly heads can be a higher grain than the short for the same rod. However, if the long belly sinks the water resistance makes it impossible to cast so the short heads are superior for sunk line work as 99.9 % of hardcore salmon and steelhead anglers will attest.

Anyway - short answer, yes and yes
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