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Talking Calling all 2 hand fly rodders.

As a lot of you know I fish the 2 hand rod on the Cape Cod Canal pretty regularly and have great success with it over the years ,but I never see any other 2 handers out there.What I'd like to see is more people out there taken advantage of this excellent fishing one can have with the 2 hander on the banks of the canal.
I hear a lot of reasons why others don't fish this area,no backcast room ,can't cast for distance are just a few of the reasons I've heard over the years,which all can be over come with today's modern spey lines,and skagit lines.Because the canal has gained a storied reputation over the years as a plug casting mecca ,and you have to be able to cast 300 ft plus to be successful, a lot of fly rodders think you can't fish it well unless you can reach the middle,well as much as this may be true during the spring tide(full or new moon tide ebbing in the early morning hours)it does not play out during other tides,I have taken and I have seen some of the largest fish taken not more then 30-50 ft from shore. If you familiarize yourself with the general make up of the canals structure,such as current seams coming off of points and rocks jutting out into the current flows and the steep drop offs that are found just off the banks,these current flows combined with the steep drop offs make for perfect striper highways where they cruise along during their travels or set up feeding stations behind the rocks and boulders that make up the floor and banks of the canal.What I'd like to do is set up some days on the canal to introduce other 2 hand fly rodders to the canal,Juro I know it has been talked of before ,but I'd like to see this happen.I look forward and welcome any other thoughts and ideas about this.
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