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Originally Posted by petevicar
I have fished with Tony Biski, Mike Andolini and Dave Ruddock. They are all OK guys.
Toni believes he is the best guide in the world. I found Mike a little old and grumpy. Dave is OK if you like hearing Beatles music a day long.
OUCH!. Biski is a great guide, period.....Mike maybe old (but so are you and I) and grumpy , but I find him to be a gentleman and he has never been grumpy with me....and I know grumpy , Not sure about the Rudduck opinion....Juro, I was answering a question and giving the poster some names...not just one...having said that I would not be offended if you want to delete my posts and the one on the problem....I understand... so your call.

And Pete....nice things to say about them...rather petty I feel...what about the fishing? Maybe Mike was grumpy after he met you. Guides are people also, and they do react depending on WHO they are your opinions could be spot on.