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Thanks guys. I've met both Biski and Ruddock and they seem like really good guys. I'm just concerned their boats are too small to comfortably have 4 guys on board. I know only 1 or 2 would fish at a time but it could be crowded on a 20' Jones or a 21' Parker. I was thinking of giving Chris a call soon but wanted to hear what you guys had to say. I didn't know they were moving the shop, where in Dennisport are they going? That's too bad, I like having an excuse to buy fly stuff whenever I hit the grocery store.

Redfisher: I run a 26' Seaswirl Striper (the name sold me). I love those Jones Bros though. Beautiful lines. I came really close to buying the 23' or 26' that Alan had in his yard before I got this.