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Booked my trip for Andros!

I ended up picking to go to Mars Bay instead of the liveaboard Sea Hunter due to the fact the boat trip could get canceled if they didn't get 5 people, and I only had 3.

March 12-19th I'll be down on South Andros sniffing after bones and whatever else I can find.

Vince, I might still do another week afterwards on Crooked. I had to pay my buddy's deposit for the Mars Bay trip, so the only issue right now is getting you a deposit before I get my bonus in early Feb. If you still have a spot open then for a single, I'll be in. Oh, and I just found your check you sent me for the refund back in March for $66.66. Since it was over 6 months old it was no good any more. Maybe you can credit that towards my next trip with you.
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