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Do you know where I could get a copy of this article? Thanks!!!

Slowly farmed salmon are pushing commercial fishers such as seiners, gillnetters, trollers etc. out of the business. The price of commercial caught salmon drops every year. This summer it was not economically smart to fish the Bristol Bay sockeye run. I guess, what I am trying to say (ask), what is the lesser evil?...salmon aquaculture or commercial salmon fisheries?

The amount of waste produced by salmon farms is astronomical, these along with other problems are lesser fears then hybridization or natural reproduction of Atlantic's in our waters. We were told not to worry about reproduction in our river systems because so many past experiments had failed and failed miserably (most notablly the project on the Cowichan River many years back). If the article that Brian mentions is based totally upon fact, it just goes and shows how LITTLE we know.
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