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Meiser Rod

Jim; Yes, the Meiser is a rod I feel you can definately grow into. I can feel it each time I practice with it. Although I have not used it to fish with yet.
I started with learning the single spey, against conventional wisdom I discovered, with an 8/9 wt 13', and it is currently my best cast. I can perform, to some degree, all of the basic casts, but have a ways to go to consider myself proficient. I have a long way to go with left hand up. I started with a mid-belly line (65' head), and that was a mistake for me. Once I dropped back to a short head in the 50 - 55' range, I experienced great improvement. I agree with others that learning the Snap Z, Circle C, and Double Spey will get you fishing sooner than other casts might. Getting the right line for you, and your casting style is very important, and requires some experimenting. I will suggest the Red Shed Fly Shop as a great source for loaning lines to test drive. It has worked for me. Talk with Poppy at
I fish Atlantics 2 or 3 weeks a year, and that gives me considerable spey fishing experience with the river right and left and wind conditions. I also have a Meiser Highlander 3/4/5 wt with a Scandi head that gives me an opportunity to practice spey while trout fishing. I rely heavily on Rio's Modern Spey Casting DVDs with Simon. My wife feels I must have worn the discs out by now. I pick up little bits every time I watch it. I also have Al Buhr's book, Two-Handed Fly Casting which has been quite helpful.
As you will find, muscle memory can be difficult to overcome at first.

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