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Sorry Jim -

I've been blasted at work on a short week then heading out to the west coast to start a new aerospace project. Luckily it might warrant a spey rod in the luggage

Not sure if my previous opinions came thru but there is no such thing as a single rod for true spey fishing and striper fishing. We might want a city car and an oversand vehicle all in one too but one's not going to like Storrow Drive and the other isn't going to handle the trail after the July 4th traffic.

For a river the size of SR, I would go with the Solstice 13'8" 6/7/8. It has no confusion about whether it's spey or overhead, adaptable from Scandi to long belly (lightened up), light as a feather and casts itself. It's one of those rods where you don't know where the power is coming from in that little whip.

I also like the T&T mentioned, and Bob Meisers works of art, and Burkie's got some amazing rods in that range as well as the big names - Sage and Loomis, etc. If you're going to try to hit lightning on the first strike then pay more and go with something people swear by and gather a lot of feedback.

Otherwise go with something reasonable and cheap and get the knack for it, then go for the lifetime purchase. That's what I did... start with reasonable tools and get the skills up to parr many years ago.

Keep in mind the price point reaches a point of diminishing returns and it takes a skilled Spey caster to appreciate the subtle differences in the upper range. As you climb the ladder it's really not that important in fact if you can cast well with a crappy rod you'll be a magician with a really good one.

more later

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