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From a beginners perspective here are some thoughts. Choosing a line was one of the hardest aspects for me because there are so many opinions on the matter. I use my rod for both spey and overhead, it is a T&T 12' 8wt and it has been a great rod for my level of casting. I eventually went with a 550 grain skagit and put on heads of T11-T14 for spey. 12' was about the max of T14 I could throw for the first several outings but was eventually able to use 15'. There are places that call for a 20' section but I'm not there yet. I've used both the skagit line and windcutter. The windcutter was much less forgiving. Slight mistakes or being out of position even a little bit really caused the cast to fall apart.

The Rio outbounds worked well for overhead. Their site will have the recommended lines for most rods out there. I ran down from VT one weekend to join Juro and Beulah rods for a clinic and it was most helpful. Especially some great tips on line control which helped with both spey and overhead.

In talking with many folks about equipment the T&T 13' 7wt for the Salmon was considered by lots of folks to be the perfect rod (if there is such a thing). It is a pricey rod no doubt however. A good alternative was the Sage VT2 in the same size and I believe they have been closed out so you may be able to find one in your price range.

Just a quick note on those rods, a friend who has been using 2 handers for stripers for some time found that both were too light for stripers and not stiff enough for overhead casting as JR Spey pointed out.

The hardest part for me was getting started. Eventually I just got to the point where I said I have to buy somehting and get casting. Glad I did. Once my casting improves I'll probably begin looking at other options and dive deeper into the more technical aspects of rod design and lines.

If you are looking to build a rod I would give Bob Meiser a call. Super nice guy who loves to talk about rod design.
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