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It's actually quite difficult to get one double-handed rod that will both speyfish for you as well as saltwater fish, unless you actually plan to speycast for stripers. Most guys use the double-handed rod in the salt as an overhead rod and there are very few rods that will overhead cast AND speycast well. There are a few that can do it if you are willing to buy separate lines for each. I made a T&T double-handed rod serve both purposes for awhile, and it did all right. The old Loop Green line also did OK, although I didn't actually enjoy speycasting with it as much as the Yellow line. If it were me, I'd figure out which I'm likely to do most often and get yourself well setup for that and make the other somewhat of a compromise. Chances are quite likely that if you enjoy the double-handed rod you'll eventually buy a different rod for the other arena. Read Rich Murphy's chapter(s) on speyfishing for stripers (Fly Fishing for Striped Bass) as there you could use the same rod and line you'd likely use on the Salmon River. His techniques, though, aren't suited for all striper fishing locations. Sometimes you just have to overhead cast.

Originally Posted by Jim Miller
Hi all
I have already solicited info from Todd & Juro....but I will put this out to the general membership too!

I 'm looking to buy or build a spey rod. I will use this for Salmon River Salmon & steelhead as well saltwater fishing for bass & blues.

I'm a pretty good single handed caster....untested (untrained) w/ a Spey.
I am usually pretty technical and strive for good form.

So what do you think is a good all round rod option for me. Both in a built rod or a good blank to custom build upon.

I'm thinking 7/8 13' .....but what do I know.
Thanks in advance for helping me spend my birthday present!
Ohhh Budget! $400 plus or preferably minus.
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