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the tailouts of the bigger pools offer opportunities. The trestle in winter (walk or snowshoe in) is my favorite. Pools and runs in the fly zones, the corner pool, papermill pool, most of Douglaston present good water. The area from Ellis cove downstream to the Trestle/Ordwell brook confluence can be remote and good fishing. The pics I put up were from the Paradise Pool in the upper fly zone. Yup it was crowded....but a civilized bunch. 15 or so hookups and 3 to the net. (biggest about 12 lbs =not a bad day)
When I was younger (fitter) I would snowshoe to the remote areas in January/Feb. Very peaceful, quiet, and good fishing.
Every year there are more crowds....but where else can you have a good chance of a trophy close to the major population centers.

I guess you just have to pick your days and play the odds.
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