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Thanks for the reply...I sent you another e-mail

You mailbox is full. So to answer your PM:
Hi Joe
Well...3 major camps. Dee style wings and Spey upright and spey laid down wings. (and of course cross overs).

Dee syle are typically a pair of wings, v shaped, laid flat, diverging and slightly upward pointing. (kinda like a royal coachman)

The spey upright wing is usually a single or double hackle, centered on the top of the fly. tied in at the head and pointing rearward. hackle(s) are in vertical posture.

The spey laid down wings are usually matched bronze mallard feathers tied in at the head and tented (kinda like a tented caddis dryfly wing). These are the toughest to get right.

I wish you were is much easier to show you at the vise.
A good reference is "Spey and Dee Flys" by John Shewey and " Advanced Flyfishing for Steelhead" by Deke Meyer. Also Trey Combs book "Steelhead". (A good read in any event.)

I have been posting some Spey and Dee ties on "Stripers ON-Line" flytying forum. Some are classics ...some are derivitive. Search my name to find the ties.

Feel free to ask further questions and i will do my best to give you a good answer.

Good luck tying and hopefully we can meet up sometime to fish the Salmon, Deleware or my Adirondack streams!

Tight lines

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