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This is truly deplorable. There should be a risk of total financial ruin for farming operations who allow escapement. We put men on the moon, but we can't keep a fish in a net. The reality is that we simply won't, because it costs more money to make the nets reliable.

I've been working on a farmed fish article...

did you know:

[#]farmed salmon is colored with xantaxanthan (sp?) a pigment derived from crustaceans and flavored with ferol bromide to make it more 'savory' - thus can be considered artificially colored and flavored[#]the effluent created by an average salmon farm equals that of 40,000 humans[#]triploid claims have been found to be untrue as indicated in Brian's report[#]evidence has been found that hybridization is possible at a university in Vancouver[#]nearly a million tons of sand eels are harvested for use primarily in fish farms from the north sea alone per year? This has caused the collapse of groundfish, seabirds, and even impacted the whale population in the region[#]it's one of the fastest growing industries[#]they are farmed all over the world and are showing up in rivers on both oceans[#]Alaska has outlawed aquaculture[#]regulations are abysmally loose[#]even atlantic salmon populations are at risk from these domesticated clones[#]the reason people use this strain is that they have been mutated genetically over 30 years from the original Norwegian strain and if wild salmon were raised in existing salmon farms they would never survive[#]one of the highest risks stems from an explosion of sea lice populations attributable to fish farming itself as the cause...

I could go on and on but I just gave away the article! }>
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