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Death March 10/12/01

Hi Guys, Walked out to Napatree this morning, got out there at about 6:30AM The fish were offshore, I saw some Albies, but out of fly casting distance. The bass moved right into the wash, had a lousy morning, on my way out at about 10AM. I only caught 16 Bass, I had one that weighed 10 lbs on my Boga Grip, and two others that were about 6 lbs, they were all over about 20 inches long, only one other flyfisher out there, he caught more than I did, but then again he was from Newport. He told me there is no fish there. The bait for the day is about 1 inch anchovys. I tie a fly that is Olive over white with a little flash, and has eyes. Great day, hope it holds up for this weekend, got to straighten out my digital camera, I guess I have too many picture still on it. Tried to take pictures today, and it failed. Tight Lines, ArtB
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