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Looking for a few more people for a trip to Andros

I'm looking for additional people to head to Andros next March from the 12th-19th. I'm going with two buddies and could use up to 3 more people. It's a liveaboard boat with everything included except alcohol. I can't link to it since they're not a sponsor, but Google the Sea Hunter Liveaboard and the third link you get back will give you all the details.

The short of it:
$2995/person all inclusive except booze
3 more spots open
Semi-guided, i.e. the guides take you from the boat to productive flats, drop you off, and then move you around during the day.
I'm looking to charter a seaplane from Florida to drop everybody off right at the boat. This is much faster, easier, and not that much more expensive when compared to having to fly there, take a taxi, then a boat trip to the liveaboard.
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