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Atlantic Salmon spawning in our rivers

Remember back in the mid 90s when we were seeing large #s of Atlantics being caught by anglers in the Elwah, Skagit, Skykomish, and other Washington rivers? And we were told, "Don't worry, they're sterile and can't survive in the wild" by the Aquaculturists?

Well, I just read an Associate Press article printed in the Downrigger (monthly bulletin of the Edmonds Salmon chapter of Trout Unlimited) entitled "Farmed Salmon found spawning in BC streams".

It confirmed the approximately 43,000 salmon escape BC pens each year and that in the first nine months of 2000 between 32,000 and 86,000 escaped their pens. That both scientists and aquaculturists admit that "Atlantic Salmon are present in a number of BC salmon-spawning streams at all life history stages" and ~are~ spawning successfully.

Of course, Don Noakes (head of aquaculture at the Federal Fisheries Dept) counters that "all the information we've had and all the studies we've seen (indicate) there is low environmental risk to the salmon in BC".

So there . . . doesn't that make you feel better!
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