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Fitness report 09-23-10

So some of you might be wondering how I am holding up after publicly stating my newfound weight and BMI. Answer: fantastic thanks to XOWII health products.

My BMI is in the "ideal" range... for once I am not looking at the chart at the doctors office thinking "impossible". Waist is holding at my high school size a full six inches less than my maximum and body weight creeping upward with new muscle mass from weight training and increased protein rich foods.

My metabolism is so high I can eat virtually anything and I actually stopped distance running because anaerobic activity was making me too thin. I am now working on gaining 15 pounds of muscle, my next goal.

Among the many reasons for the improvement are (a) distribution of food across several small meals throughout the day two of which are 50 calorie health juices (2) elimination of unbalanced alkaline / acidic foods like diet soda and coffee which affect metabolism by modifying thyroid function (3) better nourishment and lifestyle overall.

A major part has been keeping a supply of 50 calorie all-natural nutrition handy every day to kick start me in the morning and suppress my appetite in the afternoon. The product has become free based on my referrals and I look forward to starting a boat fund as things grow

PM me if you would like any information on my routine, recipes or the XOWii product.
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