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Haven't bought one in awhile but I have fished the 444SL's Wulff TT and currently I have a cortland tunney line rigged up that basser gave me. I like all of these but the wulff I liked best and I'll probably spring for another at some point. The wulff I had developed cracks thruout its length but I believe this was self inflicted by storing the rigged up rod in my truck for a season. Resulting thermal cycles not only ruined the line but also broke down the epoxy that glued the reel handle/seat of the rigged rod.

Hi-density integrated head: I like the 300 grain cortlend 555 quick descent for my ten wieght.

I'm not crazy about cold water lines as they seem to get gummy when it's a little warm.

Note that the cortland line are probably called something else now.
Fred A.
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