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I haven't shopped in a while either but currently have three I fish a lot - SA striper (the new design), the Rio outbound clear head / yellow running line and the old Cortland 444 clear which I bought as a spare before they discontinued and on my last one, each lasting 3-5 seasons before losing their clarity to abrasion and probably ultraviolet light.

The outbound has a 38 ft head that is all business and my first choice on the two-hander too. The SA is not clear but man does Bruce Richards design a nice taper - this line really goes especially on rods with a little sweetness in the taper (i.e. not too stiff).

I have not experienced that much more disapproval from mid-day flats fish while using a colored line or sinking head for that matter, but the percentage that do get turned off by the line is worth converting to me so I mostly use the clear 444 on the rod thru the summer flats days.

As the experienced guys here on the forum will attest, sometimes a black sinking line works best even in a mid-day flat as long as you are not clotheslining them.
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