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No problem with that and all you say...seriously. Sounds good. I also beleive with what you say. Naturally, having been involved with Mergers and aquisisions at my old job and Chairman of several "Due Diligence" committees....I have these simple knee-jerk reactions. As an aside, I always beleive that there are no meaningful short cuts with certain things...but that is me. On the other hand, certain medicines are meaningful short cuts. I just see certain "red Flags"... and in all fairness I would want to know more...I don"t drink Red Bull, I do take vitamins and work out also...I don"t drink anymore but I do I am not the poster boy for the healthy life. I look forward to speaking with you off line and want to ask you some things about this...not just from a health benefit, but the outher "salesmanship" points. MY thing is that it must work and is not just a making money by getting volumn, if you know what I mean.
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