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Here's one thing that separates it from other products right off the bat... all natural. Some of the ingredients are what you see at Whole Foods - acai, green tea extract etc. Some are exclusive to the recipe. But there is nothing hidden - the nutritional information is listed on every can, and detailed by the phd nutritionist who designed it for his own use. Kobe Bryant uses it as do many other atheletes, and there is nothing artificial or disqualifying.

But here's what we need to do John - let's get on a call with the principles of the company and ask these questions directly. Could you do that with chemically made Red Bull? I would benefit from the Q & A as well, having just done the first phase of my qualification which is to test the product and I am convinced!

Now I want to work with people to build a successful network where everyone has the potential to get the product for free, and advance to getting fat checks and move their lives toward financial freedom.

Check out the cash flow quadrant diagram, I have been slaving away int the "E" quadrant for my whole life and see that I need to get something going in the entrepreneurial side of the quadrant ASAP.
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