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Well here's the story...

While living in Seattle, a friend of mine (hard-working honest former aircraft machinist fisherman extraordinaire) got into a MLM thing and tried to get me in it - showing me his huge checks, then his new company car, then he moved into a giant new house, got his wife and family into it, etc. I wouldn't get involved in any pyramid scheme on principle or should I say on stigma. Spent all those years "workin for the man" like the rest of us. He never left his day job BTW, this was all in spare time.

Recently a close friend brought my attention to a start-up company offering health and wellness drinks with the opportunity to get in early, have fun, and make money. Her first experiment with what they call 'direct marketing' nowadays led to six figures doing not much of anything. I thought of my friend in Seattle whom I had ignored, looked at my Red Bull and four-shot espresso, 4 cans of diet coke per day and my post-divorce financial train wreck and said "I'll do this if the drink is all they say it is".

So I signed up (cancel any time) for two drinks that provide high anti-oxidants, nutrition and vitamins ("Energy") while the other helps one lose weight ("Thin").

I am only on my second shipment and WOW... I can't believe how I feel, and how much I have toned up!

- I don't need any coffee in the morning
- My skin, hair and joints feel great
- I've lost weight and toned up with less exercise

And I hear they are coming up with a protein shake now (which I currently buy or mix) so that will fit into my regimen nicely.

So the experiment to determine if the product is real was a total success, now I want to have it pay for itself and go beyond that to making money by spreading the word.

I did not (would not) spread the word until I had fully evaluated it. Just like how in the past we got excited about sealed drag reels only to find later they sealed IN saltwater and corroded, etc.

I'm sold on the product, and now am looking for collaborators in building a fun network of healthful wealthy friends to build a business network together.

That's it in a nutshell!
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