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I haven't fished the bay in many years, and when I did it was before I started flyfishing, but one technique that worked great for me was to cast beyond a bridge piling, let my jig sink down, and then retrieve it as fast as I could. Everything I read about stripers at the time said "deep and slow", but for me, ripping the jig past the pilings produced a hit nearly every time. I was using bucktail jigs, but I'm sure it would work with a clouser and fast-sinking fly line also. One thing you'll have to be careful about is scraping and/or tangling your fly line on the piling -- fly lines are a bit more costly to replace than mono!

Hope this helps! Good luck, and please let us know how you do. We don't get many reports from that area.

The farther you can cast, the easier it is for a fish to take you into your backing. I seldom see my backing . . .
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