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I'm very interested in seeing the outriggers. My thought was to develop a stripping basket that could be mounted off to the side to allow for longer and quicker strips when using sinking lines. Better line managment coupled with the ability to use your feet to get in position should result in more effective shots.

I found fishing from the kayak last fall for albies to be as exciting as any fishing I've done on the Cape, but once an albie was hooked it was pure chaos as the line would sink, get wrapped around the fins or rudder, or would sink to the point where line managment was preventing me from taking another shot. It was truly amazing however to see how much longer the albies would stay up when around the kayak compared to the bigger boats. I must also say that all the boaters I encountered were very respectful of the yakkers out there and kept their distance. Even had one guy come over and unhook my line from the rudder while dealing with a hooked fish.
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