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I have not tied one in a long time...but some directions almost sound like it is stacking dear hair.... . I would tie it like Puglisi does with his material.... once the legs are on... tie in no more than , say three "thin" clumps on the shank...tie them somewhat close together... then the key is to start gentling "pulling" outward...not pulling the stuff out...but use your fingers to shape it by flattening and pulling gently until the shape is flattish... then I would use some Gop, lightly to form or finalize the shap... then cut to shape with your scissors. The key is the shaping with your fingers... which when done will actually form to hide the shank and mix around the legs.... If it looks to thin after the first material application...just gently tie in a couple more in any gaps you created. after a minute or two of shaping you should have it cover the shank like a lolly pop covers the the stem. sort of like Merkin style.... finally another approach is to clump on a thick tye down... then manipulate the material with your fingers...flat...pull, etc.

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