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The next week

Apparently you had quite a good time,I arrived on Eleuthera the 24th and the weather quickly turned crappy, Monday it stormed so hard that all flights in were canceled. The rest of the week was spotty with a lot of wind out of the north which seems to keep the fish off the flats. I did catch a few fish, but overall it was pretty disappointing, most of the people I ran into had caught no fish or maybe 1 or 2. When there were fish visible, they were so spooky they'd blow up if you so much as twitched the fly and a cast that landed 4 or 5 feet away would send singles scurrying. I don't know if this is normal these days or not, but it was very difficult to get takes, plus my own anxiousness caused me to pull the fly out of fish's mouth on quite a few occasions. Next time it'll be better I'm sure, I've never had a week in the tropics with such severe weather.
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