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I don't know where Porthsmouth Island is What down is it nearest. The reason I didn't mention the Albies is I am not sure if you are near any of the good locations for them. Let me know and I will get you some more specifics.

As for the Bonito run it is really good. It depends on the weather but it is usually in march or April. It is more off-shore so you will need a guide and boat. They are alot bigger then around here in the 15-25lbs range. You will need at least a 10 weight. I tell you want though I think The best is the January Bluefin run. 80-150lbs juvi bluefin tuna. Bring your thirteen weight and hold on. With a good guide and a couple of days fishing you will more then likely catch a few, well hook a few. Catching is a whole different matter. Have you ever seen 300 yards of backing go out in 12 seconds. I have never actually fished for them with a fly rod. The last time I went was 2 years ago and we where using conventional but I hear they are doing alot of it on the fly now and they are getting good at it. There is nothing, no tarpon, no shark, no sail fish that can match that. It is the strongest fish you will ever, ever catch on a fly.
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