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Need Help w/ Crab Fly.

Hi all,

OK, I guess I'll have to eat crow (not the feathers) and ask this. Although I've seen alot of pics of the finished item, just can't seem to grasp how to tie the body of a Raghead Crab. I've yahoo'd and google'd this subject and come across written instructions (w/out step-by-step pics) but just don't seem to understand "clump, lump, stack, ... the material for the body on the hook shank". Then there's the glue and the clippings/shavings, (I think I get that part). Is it tied merkin style, or similar to a glo-bug, or the way a woolhead sculpin is tied? Anyway, if anybody has a link w/ step-by-step pics I might have missed, or a book reference, or a newsletter from a club, or a fly that is tied similar (Mangrove/Bonefish Critter), I would greatly appreciate it!

Have been practicing casting from my deck (50-60ft) as I still have 2-3ft of snow in my yard. But w/ 16 hrs of daylight it's going fast.

Many thanks.
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