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I think either of those two will work well. I use the 9/10 and love it. I use the old Beach line that I have had for awhile with it and also use the original Rio Outbound with it. I know some, I think including Juro, have mentioned even using an OB Short with one. Beulah was working on its own line (actually a head) for that series, and I have a prototype that I'll be bringing with me when I head to Cape Cod in June. While lawn casting it works well so I'll have to see if it works that nicely on the water. The larger the flies you throw and the more often you fish in heavy wind will determine whether you'll prefer the 8/9 or 9/10. Bigger flies and heavy wind are easier to deal with when using a 9/10, but the truth is there isn't all that much difference between those two.
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