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Salmo, et. al. -

Japan (nor any of the 72 countries) will have any bluefin unless Monaco / international governing bodies grow some balls and brains. A CITIES level 1 ban is never going to fly if those affected are allowed to vote on it (brains). This is like asking dogs to vote if they want to get off the meat wagon or not.
Monaco has not been able to make anything enforceable for several years of trying (balls) and Mediterranean countries just ignore quotas while the majority (72) tell them to pound sand.

Also it's easy, and human nature to iconify one villain (Japan) in this vote as you have done, but look beyond the surface - and I am not just saying this because of my ethnicity...

There is demand, and supply - driven by greed.

Demand = primarily Japan who offers in excess of $100,000.00 per fish in some cases. Add a pervasive and growing worldwide appetite for sushi.

Supply = In this vote 72 countries who exploit the global migratory behavior of the giant bluefin to 'cash in', often ignoring quotas.

This is very similar to the drug trade faced by the DEA. Ask any DEA agent the question of supply vs. demand as I have, and you'll learn drug enforcement agents target suppliers while wishing they could eliminate demand, but know it's not possible. It's easy to point a finger at those creating the demand, but the carnage is occurring at the hands of the suppliers. You can beat up the addicts all day but it achieves nothing.

It's in effect looting of the species, and people can show their commitment to the species by NOT fishing for them otherwise are themselves part of the problem. I wonder - are New England anglers going to vote with their own actions this year?

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