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My thoughts

I have done a lot of DIY in the Bahamas and Caribbean. (and the Keys too).

Sometimes with success, most times not so much! A lot has to do with the fact that I am not that great a flyfisherman and also with the factor of luck.

For instance, I once found a spot where I was catching baby Tarpon and Snook
so I booked another trip and never saw a fish! Same week .... different year!
Also tried different weeks but never duplicated the first trip.

I think the best way to cut costs and have success is to join a group going to a particular spot like the Acklins group going from this site.

Like you I would prefer to find a spot with both small Tarpon and Bonefish but I have found you would be better off choosing one fish to key in on and find a place to hunt for those.

Don't want to discourage you but it is pretty tough to hit all conditions correctly and have success then again win or lose I always keep trying.

Good luck!
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