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Thanks, guys. Just looking at the vise website....I am thinking this is a one screw jaw swap. But, I long ago learned that sometimes when something appears so isn't. It looks like one can either purchase the entire upper arm....or just the jaws?? The upper arm seems to cost almost as much as an entire new s/w traveler vise. While I consider the cost of the newer jaw a bit high, it is certainly less than a new vise.
I can get the current jaws to hold a hook's just an aggravation at times.
To be honest, I never realized that the larger "screw" is only a "pivot point"(the screw goes into a counterbore, not a threaded hole) if the smaller screw nearer the end of the jaws(where the hook is gripped) is not adjusted correctly, you will never get a secure bite on the hook. It just seems that I am constantly tweaking both screws. Looks like the newer jaw would be far easier to deal with.
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