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Or just skip the photo altogether. A decade ago I would have scoffed at anyone for suggesting it, but the fact is I almost never photograph any fish I catch these days unless it is extremely unusual. I caught false albacore to eighteen pounds at Harker's Island last November, and we didn't remove a single fish from the water for photography. I suppose if I landed a 150+lb tarpon I'd try to figure out a way to take a picture from the water, but I haven't had a tarpon in the boat that was mine--EVER. Even the captains in Guatemala, at least most of them, have stopped dragging sailfish into the boat for the proverbial corner of the transom hero shot. Truthfully, I think fish are stressed way more than we realize by most photos attempts, especially if it involves removing the fish from the water even for a short period of time. Try it. It's not as tough as I once thought.
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