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Hi Bjorn
I have a couple of photos of some big fish (tarpon) in boats.
The problem is that the tarpon must be very tired to get it into the boat in the first place, which can kill the fish.
If you try to get a fish that is not so tired into the boat then it will jump about wreaking everything including itself.

I don't do it anymore.

It is better to get out of the boat and take the photo in shallow water.

I did this on one occasion in Cuba. I got the fish quickly to the boat my guide wanted to take a photo. The fish was no monster but about 70lbs. We saw a flat about 50 yards from where we were. So we slowly poled the boat in that direction. However due to the movement through the water the tarpon revived and I had to fight it again. This happened 3 times before we could get to the flat and take photos. I am pretty sure that the fish survived.

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