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Originally Posted by JusBones
I have an old friend who has invited me to his neck of the woods in Currituck, NC. Word is Marlin run thick in mid-July to late August? Now for the crazy part, anyone know of a guide/guides/sponsers that accomodate fly fishing
for these big fellas ? I know, crazy, but what can I a 12wt enough stick with 375 yards of 30 lb ? or do I go with a 16 Cam Sigler..or whatever. Maybe the guide will provide me an appropriate rig...any info appreciated ! Mark
A lot of it depends upon which marlin species it is and how big they run. I would say that a Cam Sigler rod in either 13/14 or 16/17 is the minimum. I won't even pursue sailfish with a typical 9' 12 weight. For pelagic species, the lifting power of the rod is far more important than its casting qualities. If the marlin are white marlin and run around 50-90lb you might be able to do it with a typical tarpon stick, but anything more than that requires serious tackle. I'm not sure what runs along the Outer Banks, but if the fish are blue marlin then you're probably going to ignore IGFA specs and run really heavy tackle. In that case a Sigler 16/17 or a similar TFO Bluewater HD is what you need. Neither is very expensive and will lift far more weight than the typical Sage, T&T, Scott, etc. that costs more than twice as much.
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