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Well, that's sort of how I'm doing it, I think. When I feel the momentum of the line is well forward and the line is turning over with maybe 1/3 left to turn over, maybe a little less, that's when I let the line go but I can only shoot about 6'. Sometimes I make a mistake and let the line go too early and it takes the force out of the line. I've seen TV shows, etc where some guy has a bucket on his belt and when he shoots the line coil after coil is peeling out of the bucket. I get the idea he is shooting 10-20' of line. Is that with a shooting head or are some lines just better? Maybe some better quality rods have more guides that help to shoot more line, or maybe a combination of factors. In any event I'm a 40-45' caster that would like to become a 60' caster.
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