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"Not really concerned with how he goes about it"

Expand your thinking if you can......It seems as though a point is missed here... My point is really this and it has nothing to do with fish quotas.... I can "piss and moan" about the fact that this jackass has the potential of putting other people in harms way attempting to rescue him..not some commercial guy doing it for a living or even some recreational guy with a safer a boat. and I certainly feel that I put it in the catagory of Intentional "irresponsible" fishing . It didn't sound at all like I was going to give up on Blue fin fishing although I admit I like striper fishing better. Is this clearer? But I suppose for a single 45 year old, who still lives at his Mommy and Daddy's summer home , such manly ventures might increase his ability to get laid. I am speaking about Our "hero". One other point... the 14 other fish were towing for a while..I suspect, not having done it this way that with the right drag set it can tow you forever.....screw it up after an hour or so and it might then break I can't see the comparison with the 14 wt at all......... unless you raise it just to be argumentative. If you think about it ...if he had a large Penn Reel and short Tuna stick...the tuna would still TOW him it is not really about light tackle is it? I really can not say anymore about it...If you think it's ok...then fine. You are entitled to your opinion and your comparisons.. Politely calling me a hypocrite ("a little hypocritical") with such misguided comparisons seems intentional..over and out.

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