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Really? I am sure there are much larger things out there to piss and moan about. The guy caught 1 fish, kept it and was done. Not like he is a charter catching a dozen or so, fighting them all for an hour or more and then maybe keeping one of them. His impact in a year is a total of maybe 2-3 fish. Whatever you think of him, the method he is using an extremely low impact method to catch fish. Finding bluefin to catch is hard enough in a power boat much less in a kayak.

Whatever the plight of the tuna is it is legal to keep em. I would much rather see a guy go out and take his one fish and hang em up for the day. Not really concerned about how he goes about it. I am quite convinced many tuna die from catch and release, much higher than with striped bass.

You see others catch a bunch in a day when the odds are at least 10% a released fish is going to die. I am sure most of the charters out there have killed many more tuna via release in a season than this guy will kill in a lifetime.

Sure he may have an ego and is doing something way dangerous. Nature usually has a way with dealing with that.

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