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I doubt it.....A NYC commodities and futures trader is unlikely to have "feeding the family" problems along with high end reels. And getting his story in the NY Times is exactly what he "needs". Fighting a fish, any fish, to death is BS, even if you intend to keep it just to satify some "ego" issues he has not dealt with. A blind man can see that. He is not considered a "hero" by many I know despite what the article says. It is "his terms" that are ego. Also, There are "harder" ways to catch tuna from a larger lighter tackle than he is using. Now...I do not know the so called "secrets"....but if it were me, I would easily hook it with a spinning rod if within range....let enough line out till I get the "thrill" of the nantucket ride....Keep enough line out, letting it run....keeping it away from the yak..big deal.. till it goes belly up.... then hook the line to the back of the yak (The "secret "probably is doing so while it is still many yards away from the yak) I rowed, sweating back to shore , tipping my hat to all the women watching a real man at work.. shouting "I'll be at the Squire tonight to tell you what is was REALLY like"... Later that night..... "so there I was, all alone with a crazed tuna atleast 400 pounds.... I knew I was in trouble when it's dark eyes looked right at me... me... You know , Ladies... I was too afraid to be afraid... That was when I felt really ALIVE. By the way... are there any reporters around?" ......That is all I am going to say and will not waste more time on it.

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