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According to the report , if this guy is waiting to hook a 300 or 400 pounder from the yak, I have serious doubts that he will be able to do that. Unless he is extremely lucky especially if he gets it near the yak... and it's zig zagging all over the place. It's possible I suppose but ...... Why fight it to death? Whats the point... do people need the ego boost..."Lets climb Mt. Everset without bottled oxygen". "I fought and landed a blue fin tuna from my yak"...No Jim, not a death wish...but rather. a manly man! with the largest chongos, unlike the rest of us guys. Just an opinion from .......Bond, James Bond .... PS. The answer is in the article...."“I can’t be revealing all my secrets,” he said, “or else guys who are younger and in better shape will be breaking my records.”....Me, me, I, I , MY ,MY

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