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I'll be there in April too. 10th straight year. here are some more tips:

Nort'Side Eleuthera Restaurant,
phone: 334-2573. On the Atlantic side of Rock Sound. Simple spot serving lunch & dinner. Very good food, reasonably priced. At the end of Fish Street turn left. Rosy, the owner is a really pleasant person to talk to.

Sammy's Restaurant & Bar
phone: 334-2121. In Rock Sound, Albury's Lane, near Catholic Church St. Ann's. Open all year daily from 8a.m. to 10p.m. Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner.

these places are very reasonably priced compared to governor's harbor, which has gotten quite expensive. Still, some good restaurants mentioned here in GH.

internet places:

Unique Village Hotel/restaurant has wi-fi. Just ask for the password/WEP key to access at the bar/restaurant or your room.

Governor’s Harbor There is high-speed access available in the Haynes Library located in Governor’s Harbor, for a small hourly fee of $5.00.

There is now public internet access in South Palmetto Point...prices are the same as the Haynes Public Library...go to the end of the road past Mate and Jenny's towards the Caribbean, almost to the dock, and it is in the old pink Palmetto Point Clinic building on the right, across from the convenience store.

Rock Sound
There is now public access to computers at the "Eleuthera Stationery Store" in the middle of Rock Sound. Charges are: $4 for access, and $.25 per minute. The Northside Inn will let you use their high speed internet if staying there.

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