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Originally Posted by juro
......... but this is the policy in place that helps keep the lights on thu sponsor contributions.
Just to continue to be difficult (I said I'd take a powder, but I haven't managed
it yet......:-)))

Google ads alone will easily cover the cost of running a website.
....20 bucks a month for shared hosting
....40 bucks a month for "virtual private server"
....100 bucks a month for a real dedicated server.

I have a boat-related site (I didn't spam it and I won't) that clears 100 bucks
a month in Google ads alone. And almost anybody can install and
moderate a forum. Users on my (not spammed) forum often post
links to my competition. I don't complain.

I think it helps to build a respectful, loyal following........
when you don't filter information for marketing reasons. This is a great site.
But now I have to second-guess the quality of any suggestion, because
I know so much other information is lurking, hidden behind marketing policy.
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