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Originally Posted by MartyG
I tried Cat Island (Pigeon Cay Beach Club) last April and enjoyed wading and kayaking for bones. I just booked tickets to Nassau for the last week in January 2010. Really cheap non-stop on Jet Blue from Boston. Anyway I'd appreciate any advice on another out island for fishing. I've read the Vletas book and hit the websites hard but they only tell you so much.

Primary considerations: 1) Ability to wade nearby. 2) Not totally isolated from other resorts/lodges. 3) Mixed use/Not only for fisherman (girlfriend might join me) 4) Possibly a whaler for rent. 5) decent food/honor bar

Thanks - Marty
In Mangrove Cay, South Andros Island, you can work with either the Mangrove Cay Inn or the Blue Hole Cabin

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Both places can set you up with independent guides, or point you off in the right
do-it-yourself direction. You might want to think about bringing an inflatable
kayak, which can be taken as a luggage item. Or talk to Eddie Bannister about
renting a small power boat.

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