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Thanks Eric, I think you have it totally right. I will try and use the word streamborn also. Is this streamborn being used in other places and by organizations like the WSC. I've been away for awhile so I'm trying to catch up.

And Moonlight can't figure out where to Buzzzz to. I'd say if you are going to go way North now before the pacific low pressures really start to come Eastward. They are out there but are staying very high way up in Alaska on the most part for now. You are always welcome to use our home, barn, or log cabin as a base or our power and water if you bring your trailer down this way. It's about 50 minute drive to the river and that is with a stop to buy a cup of coffee.

Went by the river this afternoon and it was running a very very green color. Temps are very warm at and around 90 west of Cascades so Mt Hood Glaciers barfing big time for now.
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