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Hey, Gang,

My ex-pat German daughter and her husband were here and demanded a Deschutes trip. My other daughter signed on, and we put in at Buckhollow and blasted on down: one oar boat (me and the wife and eight tons of gear) and one paddle raft (the "kids" median age 35 and all earning more than the national debt plus lots of vacation time besides).

Camped first night at lower Dyke (no, not the nature of a former girlfriend, although, actually, it could be). Raised five steelhead within the first hour, landed but three: two hatchery, one streamborn. Next morning, fishing same water (which had risen about three inches overnight, hooked only one streamborn fishl, and a darkening one at that. Floated down to Lockit, camping at the girls' favorite campsite from thirty of their years on the river. The drift at the campsite is notorious. Many, many of my friends and myself have caught their first-ever Deschutes steelhead in this drift. I caught a streamborn above, caught nothing in the usually reliable water below.

Same thing next morning. ??????

OK: water's up; fish are moving. In between pulses of fish. Luck the first night. Same Old Same Old for the rest of the trip.

Anyway, the first night blew my mind. Thought it was going to be too easy. Slammed back quickly to earth.

Just for fun: favorite fly for this time of year? Thunder and Lightning hair-wing. Looks enough like an October Caddis that fish respond. Also hooked or raised fish on an orange-butted Ackroyd and an October Spey.


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