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RE:6126 Spey from Sage

Ah, Juro . . . I remember your 7136 encounter with that big Sol Duc buck well! Much as I love my 7136, that incident prompted me to lock it away during the winter months and save it for summer and aggressive steelhead on light wire hooks.

I was in the Seattle Kaufmanns yesterday and had a chance to try out the 6126. The guys in the shop aren't very excited about the rod, and I can see why. It's just more of what you get with the 7136 but even lighter and shorter. The action is moderate - not as soft as the 7136 but not stiff by any means.

Casting in the parking lot revealed that this is a rod that really doesn't like to be overpowered. A gentle casting motion will roll out a 6wt DT 60', but the butt collapses at the slightest hint of a forceful casting stroke.

I think Sage has found the useful limit of the market as far as light and short two-handed rods goes.

Discussing it with the two staffers who'd tried the rod, we agreed it might be a great rod in certain circumstances. Possibilities included (1) surface fishing for really small summer steelhead like Klamath River or Rogue River half pounders or (2) dry fly or nymph fishing for larger trout in Montana. Float tubers might also like this rod, as it's definitely light enough to cast with one hand.
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